ashley-pic Ashley Hromyak:

Everyone battles with their weight and body image. No one is ever completely happy with what they see looking back at them in the mirror. I was not happy with my reflection. I was in decent shape, but I wanted to tighten and tone.

I am a woman, I want shape! I have always been athletic. Played soccer growing up, joined the US Army and stayed in good physical condition. I have completed and won countless 5ks, 10ks, half and full marathons. I do Cross fit, running, weight training, anything and everything fitness.

Yet, I still wasn’t happy with my overall appearance. I saw the fitness competitors in magazines and wanted that muscular tone and look. I was lacking the knowledge and quality nutrition to take my body to the level and the look I desired.

I hired a coach to take me on my journey to my first fitness show. I learned about training, diet and everything encompassing. None of it was easy, but I wanted to do it more than anything.

ashley-2-picWhen I set my mind to something, when I fully commit to the idea, there is nothing that is going to stop me. No excuses. I am advocate of the saying, “You either have excuses or results. Never both.”

Now that I had my training and diet plan, I needed supplements. NFE, Natural Fuel Energy, was the best company and products recommended that would get me to my destination. Not only are the products organic and high quality, but their customer service and support was beyond reproach.

Even their motto, “No Freaking Excuses” provided me with motivation when I did not want to get up at 4am and do cardio. I cannot stress enough that I would not have achieved my goals nor done as well as I did in my contest without NFE.

That was a year ago, and I am still competing and still relying on NFE for all my supplement needs. If I want to be the best, I need the best. NFE is the best.


derricks-pic Derrick Scott:

Ever since I was a young athlete in my teenage years, I have always had a love for the Iron and knew the importance of weight training for overall health and well being. Though I was very “on again/off again” in my training it wasn’t until after high school that I enlisted in the US military, and thus began to start building a more regimented and consistent exercise plan for myself.

Several years ago I as a faithful member of my local gym I had the pleasure of meeting an incredible man named Dan McCleary, whose amazing new products changed not only my physique but my life. NFE products just made sense and fit perfectly into my healthy lifestyle because they are All-Natural and because they work.

There’s no doubt in my mind that my physique and overall health has tremendously improved ever since I started using NFE products. I am now fulfilling my dream of being a competitive bodybuilder because NFE products have taken my physique to levels I’d never dreamed.

To this day I continue to use the entire line of sensational NFE products to fuel each and every workout because I know that when coupled with good nutrition, NFE products will greatly assist me in achieving mind blowing results and thereby continue to improve my strength, muscle recovery, and muscular endurance on the road to bringing my physique to levels unimagined!

Thanks to NFE for Amazing Support.
Derrick Scott


Dr-Mario-Pereira-Diane-Stets-Pereira-RN-BSNDoctor Mario Pereira – Nationally acclaimed Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon.

I’m Dr. Mario Pereira and my expertise is in the area of minimally invasive spinal surgery. My job requires more than just surgical skills for an operation to be successful. I need to understand the patient’s health and habits to determine the best way to prepare them for the best chances of success.

At my clinics we have determined that what a person put’s in their body can greatly increase or decrease their ability to heal after surgery. I’m talking about good nutrition. We prescribe for our patients a regimen of vitamins and proteins before and after surgery to improve their odds of quick healing.

It has been our experience that an all natural approach is best. For example …

NFE Whey Isolate Protein is a high quality protein with no artificial sweeteners. The 100 percent isolate guarantees the highest absorption rates. We feel protein is the necessary building blocks to repair muscle and tissue after the operation.

We believe our patients experience faster healing times with NFE Protein along with the NFE all Natural Vitamins.

Many patients have to postpone surgery because of high weight. Especially surgery that involves the spine and the neck. NFE Trim is an all-natural geothermic appetite suppressant that helps them lose weight so they are more prepared for surgery.

I believe in these products and I prescribe them to my patients.


mark-gaffin-benchpressingMark Gaffin:

My Doctor told me that after 50, expect to lose muscle and have lower metabolism which would result in lower energy. He said this was a normal part of life.

One of the fall backs of turning 50 is that I can no longer sustain my protein intake with red meats. I realized that I needed to add supplements to my diet.

I’ve tried Protein supplements in the past and they all gave me cramps. After much research I found that 100% pure whey isolate protein is the best way to feed muscle. Natural Fuel Energy (NFE) makes a 100 % Whey isolate and this protein has the highest absorption rate and tastes great.

I love the low calories and all natural sweetener in NFE Protein. (I feel it’s the best protein on the market.)

I’ve added 10 lbs of muscle over the last two years using NFE Whey. And I also take the NFE Vitamins, again with no stomach issues, due to the all-natural, plant derived composition.

With NFE Trim I’ve lowered my body fat to less then 13% too. I feel better now then when I was Forty. Imagine, 53 years old, 191 lbs and, as you can see in the picture I am benching 365 lbs. Not bad for an “old” man.